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Our Governance

This page provides some more information about the Barrhill Community Interest Company and its governance. In the section below you will find a list of resources. If you have any questions, please get in touch.​

Barrhill Community Interest Company (BCIC) is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital, taking the form of a Community Interest Company (CIC). BCIC has a two tier structure, which means the Board of Directors is accountable to the CIC's membership. Anyone person over the age of 16 and resident in Barrhill can become a member of BCIC. The membership has an important role in electing Directors to serve on the Board. There can be a maximum of nine Directors. 

BCIC does not employ staff. Instead we work in partnership with Foundation Scotland, a national independent grant making charity with local team. Foundation Scotland has been contracted in to provide Fund administration and support to the Board.

Annual Report & Accounts

The three most recent set of annual accounts is listed here. For previous years, please see Companies House.

Annual Report & Accounts Year End 30 June 2023

Annual Report & Accounts Year End 30 June 2022

Annual Report & Accounts Year End 30 June 2021

Summaries of our Board Meetings

May 2024


If you are over 16 and resident in Barrhill, you can join BCIC as a member by filling in this form here. If you require a paper copy, please contact us.

Policies & Procedures

BCIC has adopted a range of policies to ensure the responsible administration and management of its work, including; 

Directors's Role Description

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Privacy Policy

Expenses Policy

Complaints Policy

Communications Protocol

Financial Policy

Copies of these policies can be made available upon request.

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